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Ruby Tickner Practitioner

My Story

I have been an operating practitioner for over 25 years in the Sunshine Coast areas and now Brisbane. Having refined my trade over many years I have added several natural modalities to help the normal everyday person maintain a healthy relationship with their body on a day to day basis. With humour and a couple of magic wands, I have been able to help people better understand their bodies and their paths to health in an easy and manageable fashion.

This place is amazing as is Ruby... I go there feeling 'doughy headed' and have a treatment and come out feeling great. Ruby is very professional and supportive and knows her thing. See you soon.

Jane Nethercote

I have been seeing Ruby for many years now. However, to me the most valuable part of going to see Ruby was the amazing impact she had on my daughter. At just three weeks old I took Bella to see Ruby and she worked her magic as always. Bella is now a calm, content baby, she sleeps so much longer and I haven't heard her scream since. Ruby's a miracle worker!!

Holly Thomas


Welcome to my store. You will find you can order drops to your personalised prescription and supplements directly to your front door.

I look forward to doing business with you.